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70 percent pure uses HappyMetrix

Stephanie Duval

70 percent pure

It's a one-stop shop for all my statistics, a nice and easy way to get the big picture and monitor separate accounts.

It's a team effort!

With HappyMetrix you can share your data with other in a number of ways, but the easiest way is sharing your dashboards over the web. This simple process allows you to select one or more dashboards you wish to share and generate a publicly accessible link you can send to the people you want to share your dashboards with. Users receiving that link can open it in their favourite web browser and the shared dashboards will load instantaneously.

An other way to share your dashboards is to export your dashboards to PDF or JPG and send them to the people you want the share them with. The big difference with the web sharing is that a PDF or JPG is static snapshot of your dashboard, where as a dashboard shared over the web is live.

Other than sharing dashboards you can also share widgets in some ways. Widgets can be exported as JPG’s which is particularly handy if you want to integrate them in your own slide shows. And last but not least, HappyMetrix also has built in widget sharing to Facebook and Twitter.

Share your data with others.

  • Share your dashboards over the web
  • Export your dashboards to PDF or JPEG
  • Share you widget on Facebook and Twitter

Stay on top of your data, anytime, anyplace

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