We have always been very serious about (your) data and data privacy.  We promise not to use your data other than to keep you informed or to communicate with you relating to the commercial relationship we have.  Our intent is to be very transparant in the way we interact with you and how we deal with privacy, store, manage, process and control data. This privacy policy explains who we are, how we collect, share and use Personal Information, and how you can exercise your privacy rights.



1. Personal data and Privacy Statement


Data of a personal nature, including electronic data (e-mail address, telephone number, login code, password, etc.) that you communicate to HAPPYMETRIX or that HAPPYMETRIX allocates to you, are contained in the HAPPYMETRIX databases. HAPPYMETRIX is responsible for processing and/or controlling the data. This data may be shared with affiliates of HAPPYMETRIX and/or with companies with which HAPPYMETRIX has contracted an agreement for the provision of services and which may be established in a country that is not a member of the European Union. The data are processed for the purpose of performance of an agreement between the customer “User” and HAPPYMETRIX (i.e. visualising customer data in dashboard(s)), customer management, plus marketing with regard to HAPPYMETRIX products and services. Nothing else!



By sending a mail to, you may inspect the personal data relating to you and stored in the HAPPYMETRIX files and request that they be amended or deleted. Similarly, you may object to use of your personal data, including your electronic data, for marketing purposes. By revealing your personal details, you expressly authorize HAPPYMETRIX to process them as described above, with a view to the purposes set out above. We are very serious about data privacy and commit to the safeguarding of personal data of our customers, contacts and anyone who visits our website or interacts with us in whatever way. We have no commercial interest in your data and only process or control data related to the use of our product or service or to communicate with you.



The processing and/or controlling of data is subject to the provisions of the “law of December 8, 1992 on Privacy Protection in relation to the Processing of Personal Data” as modified by the “law of December 11, 1998” and by the “law of June 13, 2005 on electronic communications” and by the EU GDPR applicable May 25, 2018.
A notification has been made to the Commission for the protection of privacy with regard to the processing and/or controlling of your personal data.



2. Collecting personal data


2.1 Data that you communicate to us


On the Registration Form on the Website: first name and last name, country, industry, company, VAT number if applicable and email address.



2.2 Data that are automatically collected


Cookies and tracking technologies register information and this information may only be read by HAPPYMETRIX and only during the visit of the Website. These cookies allow an easier and more comfortable consultation of the Website. The User can refuse the use of these cookies by modifying the navigation configuration settings. The rejection of these cookies may have the effect of not allowing you to use some functionalities on the Website.
Some data can also be collected without being stored in cookies. These data may only be consulted by HAPPYMETRIX and only during the visit of the Website. They are: 1°) address TCP/IP 2°) the type and version of the user’s navigation system 3°) the last window opened on internet.



2.3 Personal data communicated by commercial partners

In this case, the commercial partners guarantee to HAPPYMETRIX that they have actually received the authorization to communicate these personal data.


2.4 Personal data communicated by third party API services 


In order to aggregate data from the User’s third party services accounts (ex. Facebook, Google Analytics, Twitter, etc) after connecting to the HAPPYMETRIX application, the User needs also to grant access to his third party service account. To do so, the User needs to fill out his third party service account login or e-mail and the accompanying password upon activation of the HAPPYMETRIX software. The data thus provided is sent directly to third party services servers. HAPPYMETRIX does not have access to these data and does not process nor save these data.
Hence, we are not in possession of the login data that are communicated by the Users of those third party services. HAPPYMETRIX controls access to this data. The shere purpose of the HAPPYMETRIX application is the visualisation of the User data in the User dashboard in the HAPPYMETRIX application. HAPPYMETRIX visualises ad hoc the Users data in the User dashboard to which access is controlled through User login credentials.



3. Purposes of the processing and/or controlling of data


3.1 General purposes


The personal data are collected to:
– Allow the user to use his personal copy of the HAPPYMETRIX application or app.
– Administer the technical aspect of the HAPPYMETRIX application or app.
– Give information, make offers and supply the HAPPYMETRIX clients with information related to future offers and products that might interest him/her.
– After having checked the anonymous characteristic of the data, compile statistics. 



3.2 Direct marketing and communication to third parties 


The User’s personal data stays strictly confidential and may in no way be communicated to third parties, unless HAPPYMETRIX has got expressly and beforehand the permission of the User (“opt-in”) by his Registration.
The permission in question may be withheld at any time, without reason and free of charges by sending an email to



3.3 Communication to third party API’s 


We wish expressly to insist on the fact that we do not send the User’s login data, as collected in accordance with the present Privacy Policy, to third party services without having got expressly and beforehand the permission of the User (“opt-in”). Hence, only HAPPYMETRIX collects, processes and controls the User’s personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
Third party services do not have any right of access to this personal data except if the User has expressly given his permission therefore on beforehand.



3.4 Serious violations


HAPPYMETRIX will be able to communicate the Users’ data at the request of Justice in case of serious violations of the rules of conduct.



4. Duration of the conservation of the data


All the personal data are held as long as necessary for HAPPYMETRIX to perform the services under article 3.1.



5. Right to access and rectify


The User has the right to consult free of charge his personal data at any time, to rectify, modify or delete them, by sending an email to
The User is entirely free to communicate or not his personal data to HAPPYMETRIX. He must however be aware that some services may be refused and that the HAPPYMETRIX software cannot be downloaded and used if he does not complete the Registration Form with his personal data and that he/she is the only liable for the correctness of the data that he/she communicates to HAPPYMETRIX.



6. Right to object 


The User may exercise his right to object within the framework of the processing of his personal data if he/she considers that serious and legitimate reasons exist to do so, by sending an email to the address However, he may not object against the processing of his personal data if this processing is essential to the fulfillment of contractual obligations.



7. Security and confidentiality


HAPPYMETRIX has developed technically and organizationally appropriate security rules in order to avoid the destruction, loss, forgery, modification, forbidden access and mistaken communication to third parties as well as every other unauthorized processing of the collected personal data.
HAPPYMETRIX may never be held liable for any direct or indirect damage that results from a wrong or illegal handling of the personal data by a third party.
Hence it is essential that the User respects the security prescripts, among others by not giving access to his/her user’s name or license key to third parties. Only the User is indeed liable for the way the HAPPYMETRIX software is used under his identification data.
HAPPYMETRIX warns the User that the Website can include links, hyperlinks or references to other applications or websites that are not controlled or managed by HAPPYMETRIX and to which this Privacy Policy does not apply. HAPPYMETRIX is not liable for the content of these applications and websites, nor for the offers, products and services offered by them.
Therefore, HAPPYMETRIX advises the User to read carefully the privacy policy of every application or website that he visits given that these rules can differ from the present Privacy Policy.



8. General provisions 


The nullity of one or more provisions of the present Privacy Policy shall have no effect on the validity, the extent and the enforceability of any remaining provisions of this Privacy Policy.
The provisions of the present Privacy Policy apply without prejudice to any mandatory legal or regulatory provisions. 



8.1 Adaptations 


If HAPPYMETRIX would have to process personal data which are not provided for by the present Privacy Policy, it will contact the User by electronic way before (re)using his personal data so that he is informed of this new use and to permit him to refuse this (re)use. If this Privacy Policy would be amended, the amended version will be available on the Website and will be applicable from the User’s first visit following this modification. As from this visit, the User will be presumed to have read the modifications and to agree to them. For this reason, it is important to check the day of the last update at the top of the present Privacy Policy at every new visit.



8.2 Applicable law and jurisdiction clause


This Privacy Policy is subject to Belgian law.
Only the courts of Leuven Belgium are competent to adjudicate with disputes arising out of or connected to the present Privacy Policy. 



8.3 Agreement


By using the HAPPYMETRIX website, application or app, the User agrees to all the clauses of the present Privacy Policy and agrees to the statement by which HAPPYMETRIX collects his personal data and processes them in accordance with this Privacy Policy.



8.4 Contact 


For all further information, complaint or any suggestion regarding this Privacy Policy or regarding the way HAPPYMETRIX collects the personal data, please contact us at
Any communication made by HAPPYMETRIX to the User(s) will be made through the HAPPYMETRIX application or app or sent to the User’s email.
For general updates on HAPPYMETRIX please visit .





Version: March 2021. Previous version: October 2018