Monitor key metrics

Easily monitor your business performance

EasyM uses HappyMetrix

Annick Maes

easy m

Thanks to HappyMetrix, we follow up sales data and check out how our online promotions are doing in real-time!

A window into your business

Having all your key metrics up on a screen at the office is a great way to stay on top of your business. Presentation mode in HappyMetrix is a feature that was built just for this. When enabling presentation mode HappyMetrix takes over the full screen and hides all other user interface controls so that only the dashboard pops out. And your dashboards will scale intelligently to work almost all different screen sizes.

With multiple dashboards presentation mode will rotate between them. You can either choose rotate manually, in case you are leading a presentation, or you can choose to set a time interval to rotate between dashboards automatically.

Stay on top of your data.

  • Go fullscreen with your dashboards
  • Set a time interval to rotate between dashboards

Did you know you can also share your data with others

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