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Latest version: Eidanger 3.5.4

Andries Wesselingh


HappyMetrix works great for us. We use it to track many different aspects of our websites. It gives us quick insights in a nice design and allows us to constantly monitor our websites and their performance. HappyMetrix has become invaluable for us and we wouldn't want to go without it!


Fredrik Dawidsson


We love Happy Metrix. Both as an application/dashboard but also the company. Very helpful and replies to feedback very well! We use different dashboards on a daily basis to keep track on customers behavior, social engagement and sales. It triggers activity among our staff and help us develop new features and list products that we now our customers like.


Wendy Jaspers

Unlimited PR

HappyMetrix is our go-to solution for providing our customers with a clear and simple overview on the strongest player on the Belgian market. It exudes professionalism and it’s customization features allow us to communicate with our clients on a personal level. HappyMetrix truly makes us happy!