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HappyMetrix is our go-to solution for providing our customers with a clear and simple overview on the strongest player on the Belgian market. It exudes professionalism and it’s customization features allow us to communicate with our clients on a personal level.
HappyMetrix truly makes us happy!

What's a HappyMetrix dashboard?

A dashboard in HappyMetrix is made out of a collection of data widgets. Those widgets are like small tiles that visualise a specific metric. All widgets can be dragged around and re-positioned to your liking, and have at least a number of basic configuration options such as color, type of visualisation or date range. A widget is usually connected to a specific source or service. This can be a social platform like Facebook, a service like Google Analytics or even your own proprietary data.

There are two basic ways to create a dashboard. For novice users we have a number of baked in templates. When you choose to create a dashboard based on a template all the widgets will be automatically configured and added instantly. This is a great way to get started, however, a template dashboard might not fully satisfy your needs. If that is the case you can either edit the template dashboard or start with an empty dashboard and configure the widgets yourself.

Start creating beautiful dashboards yourself.

  • Use one of the many templates
  • Configure beautiful widgets
  • The best looking visualisations in the business

Getting started

Did you know you can also access HappyMetrix on mobile devices

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