It’s not always easy to convey your message to clients or colleagues, especially if they don’t have the same technical background as yourself. How do you present your data, and how do you make sure you’re not making things overly complicated for your clients to understand?

HappyMetrix is just the right tool for communicating data and reporting to your peers or to your clients. With HappyMetrix you design your own dashboards that perfectly fit your needs and you share them with anyone you like in a variety of ways.


With HappyMetrix you can both share or export a dashboard. Sharing a dashboard is as easy as sending a custom link to someone. This link will open your shared dashboard in any web browser, or one of our mobile apps. Exporting a dashboard to PDF or Jpeg is the best way to go if you want to integrate your dashboard in your own presentations. In any case, your HappyMetrix dashboards will leave a lasting impression.

Try it out now and impress your colleagues