In the past weeks HappyMetrix released a number of major updates, particularly regarding integrated services. We regularly add new widgets to existing services such as Google Analytics or Facebook, but recently we’ve added some entirely new services. Let’s go over them:



If you’ve ever user MailChimp you’ve probably heard about Mandrill too. Mandrill is a scalable and affordable email infrastructure service, with all the marketing-friendly analytics tools you’ve come to expect from MailChimp. HappyMetrix provides over 10 widgets with different visualisations that display your most important Mandrill stats.

Connecting with Mandrill is a bit different than connection with other services you might be used too. Mandrill requires you to enter an API key instead of logging in with your credentials. This API key can be found in your account settings from Mandrill.

open rate 4-2015

Learn more about Mandrill




Prism might not be for everyone. As a service primarily targeted at retailers one of the things it does is is counting customers entering and leaving stores. With the Prism integration for HappyMetrix customers can nog visualise their store tripwires using our well known widgets.

people count column 4-2015

Learn more about Prism




Excel, either you love it or you hate it. In any case, the reality is that Excel is still widely and deeply embedded in most companies. That’s why HappyMetrix can now import Excel files and use that data to create stunning visualisations, making it possible to have your Excel based sales data right next to your Google Analytics data on your custom dashboard.

Importing Excel data is a breeze. With the HappyMetrix importer you can visually select which row or column you’d like to use for a visualisation. You can even select multiple data sets and HappyMetrix will automatically consolidate the selected data.

excel sparkline 4-2015


New widget wizard ui

With the ever growing number of widgets and integrated services the widget wizard was becoming a bit chaotic. Especially for services with a large number of widgets it was becoming more and more cumbersome to find the widget you were looking for. That’s way we completely re-designed the widget wizard. Apart from a new design that offers a better overview we also added categories for services that have a lot of widgets.


We hope you like the new updates.

The HappyMetrix team.