MailChimp is one of the best email marketing solutions to manage your contacts, send emails and track results. That’s why we added the much requested service to HappyMetrix. It’s now possible for you to monitor your campaigns and email-lists.

MailChimp Dashboard

Last week we added the functionality to share dashboards with friends or colleagues. Today, we made it possible to share multiple dashboards at once.

Following features/improvements where also added:
– automatic refreshing of widgets
– the single bar widget is now also available as manual and custom widget
– some of the widgets now have multiple visualisation options. For example: an icon widget is now also available as a brand new simplified number visualisation, perfect for your dashboard on the wall. As we continue more and more widgets will be updated with multiple visualisations.
– we also fixed some small bugs and improved the performance of the app.

PS: Our iPad version has been sent to the Apple App Store. So it will be available in a couple of days.